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Ten Effective Habits for First Year Law Students

1 READ AND PREPARE. A good habit is to read the syllabus to know what to 2 MAKE FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES. You should make friends with those that share your goals or good habits. Those friends will support you and could help you in a study group. Associates are key as well. You should be respectful and cordial to those who have different goals or those who study differently. You may be on the other side of the courtroom from a classmate in the future and your professional relationship starts in your first year of law school. 3 GET A MENTOR. You may be assigned to a faculty advisor, if so, take advantage of that opportunity. Share your goals and interests and your advisor may soon be a mentor.

How I became Fit and Finer (how I lost 100 lbs and kept it off)

People ask me almost every day how I lost weight (I lost over 100 lbs over two years) and how I keep it off. As I reflected on my two year weight loss with Weight Watchers, I came up with the following five steps to my continued success: Concrete plan - I got a solid food plan on what to eat, how much to eat, etc. from Weight Watchers. I track all of the food (points) and it helps me to make smart choices daily. Support - I have TONS of support around me. I like to describe my support as that of a super hero team, like the Justice League. No one super hero can survive on his or her own, Superman has Kryptonite, even the Avengers needed some help. You should not try to do this alone. I

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