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How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you stick with it? Motivation can be easy in the beginning, you see what you want and declare you will go for it. But what happens when you wake up tomorrow and want to sleep late? Or when you find every excuse to quit? Have you lost your motivation for good? Probably not. What you need (and what I will address) is real ways to fuel that motivation into action and get that motivation back when you think it's gone. How do you keep motivated or fuel motivation into action? With a plan! This can start as a vision board or a to-do list. I like the vision board because you can see success and it can help you take action when you are tired or fru

Achieving Success: Passing the bar exam for the first time

I was motivated to write this blog when one of my students said she was terrified about the bar exam. I know her and I know she can pass this test. So this is my message to her and to anyone preparing for a challenge like the bar exam (or a marathon): if you can see yourself passing the test, you can pass it the first time. When I took the bar exam the first time I knew people who did not pass the first time, but they were not me. I saw myself differently. I knew I was an average student (not top anything). But I was also a really hard worker and I was prepared to work. So I buckled down and studied about 10-12 hours per day. I read, made flash cards, memorized the law, did practice ques

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