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Staying Motivated

It is not always easy staying motivated. In December or January everyone is excited about their New Year's Resolutions, but by February some folks fall off the wagon (me included). You have goals, aspirations and dreams but how do you stay motivated so that you can push yourself to keep working towards your goals (even when you don't want to). I have come up with the five P's to help you stay motivated, even if you lose steam. They are 1) Pictures, 2) People, 3) Progress, 4) Preparation and 5) Promises. USING THE FIVE Ps TO STAY MOTIVATED 1. Pictures Use pictures and put them in front of you daily to remind you of your goals. I recommend making a vision board (see my post on making a visi

You have permission to fail

You read that right you have permission to fail. Do it. Try and fail. That is a good thing. Why, because you tried. Now the key is to get back up and try again. Many famous people (and many more not so famous people) have failed more times than you can count on your fingers and toes but in the end they were successful. Why? Because they were okay with failure and they kept trying, even after they failed. First, let's talk about failure. That term is not really appropriate, but I will use it because it works. Failure is relative. If you are trying to lose 50 lbs and you gain two pounds in two weeks that might not be considered a failure if you lost four pounds the week before. Failure

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