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How I became Fit and Finer (how I lost 100 lbs and kept it off)

People ask me almost every day how I lost weight (I lost over 100 lbs over two years) and how I keep it off. As I reflected on my two year weight loss with Weight Watchers, I came up with the following five steps to my continued success:

  1. Concrete plan - I got a solid food plan on what to eat, how much to eat, etc. from Weight Watchers. I track all of the food (points) and it helps me to make smart choices daily.

  2. Support - I have TONS of support around me. I like to describe my support as that of a super hero team, like the Justice League. No one super hero can survive on his or her own, Superman has Kryptonite, even the Avengers needed some help. You should not try to do this alone. I got help from my Weight Watchers leader, my sister (who is not on weight watchers, but has been eating healthy for about 5-7 years before I got started), as well as other friends and family and online support. I am in Facebook groups that are supportive for exercising, eating right, etc. Without this support I am sure I would not have been able to be successful.

  3. Focus on my motivation – I have a vision board of what I want to look like and what healthy means to me. Weight Watchers calls it your WHY. Why is being fit / healthy / smaller important to me? For you it could be to play with your kids or to hike the Grand Canyon or run a marathon. Whatever your motivation you need to focus on this daily. I have my own motivation and I keep this in front of me daily to continue to make good choices.

  4. Get moving - I try move daily because our bodies were meant to move and exercising makes me feel better. I started it to lose weight, but now I do it for fun and to feel good. Find what you like to do and do it regularly.

  5. What else is there to do (other than eat) - I found new hobbies and other ways to spend my time, other than eating. Things beyond watching movies and TV, things that require me to use my hands or move so I can't eat. Such as painting, coloring, walking, running, etc. I recommend you find new things to explore so that when you are bored you are not thinking of food, but you are thinking of the next fun thing to do (whether with friends or alone).

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