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Support for Success: Who is in your Justice League?

I don't believe in superheroes. But since a lot of you think you are Superman or Superwoman and can do it all I'm here to tell to to get your superhero team together. Everyone needs a Justice League or a cabinet of advisors for support. I do think that most of us have one superpower, something we do really well, but we could all benefit from being part of a team with others with complimentary superpowers. I don't believe in superheros and I really don't like lone superheroes. Everyone needs a team or a partner, or at least a behind the scenes helper. Think Alfred or Robin to Batman, the Avengers or the Justice League. Even Superman had kryptonite and would need help from time to time. Almos

Birthday Motivation

My birthday is coming up and I was thinking about what I wanted to do to celebrate. Every year I am either very happy on my birthday or depressed. Birthdays are a time to reflect on what you have accomplished (or not accomplished, hence the depression). This birthday I plan to reflect and motivate myself towards my future goals. I call it birthday motivation. In this article I will provide my strategy (four tips) for using your birthday as an annual reflection / motivation going forward. 1. Reflect on what you have accomplished / learned First, you should spend some time reflecting on what you accomplished or learned in the past year. Combing through pictures on social media or on your ph

Making A Vision Board

You may have read in my earlier blogs or elsewhere about making a vision board to achieve success. It's the new year and everyone is talking about resolutions. A vision board can help you make your resolutions a reality. Let's talk about why you should make a vision board, how it can help you and how to make one. Why? You should make a vision board to help you visualize success. You need to see the end result of your success to get there. Even multi-millionaire Steve Harvey keeps pictures of what he hopes to achieve in his wallet and he keeps the ratings he desires for his TV shows inside his suit cuff to help him visualize success. What does success look like to you? If you can see it, you

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